When versatility meets precision

With its versatile and flexible design, Varius allows for the analysis of a wide range of samples and measurements, giving you the freedom to quickly gain insights into your research and development. Both the 2k and 4k detector versions offer a robust and reliable design that is fully EMC(Electromagnetic Compatible)-shielded, ensuring accurate and dependable results.

Don't miss out on the Varius

Introducing our newest Varius product that offers unparalleled versatility and flexibility for your measurements. By simply removing the connector cover and replacing the different sized slit, you can optimize your measurement performance like never before. With this innovative feature, you can easily adapt to different measurement scenarios and achieve the best possible results. Experience the power of effortless customization with our new connector coversystem.

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Why choose Varius?

  • Patent-pending optical bench design
  • Flexible performance by replacing slit
  • Versatile spectroscopy design
  • Industrial-grade stackable solution
  • Semi-automated production for unsurpassed inter-instrument reproducibility & scalability
  • Outstanding stray light performance
  • Cost-effective instrument
  • Strong signal-to-noise ratio
  • Easy to operate with intuitive software


The Varius is suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries. Such as, but not excluded to;

Agriculture & Food

Leaf Measurements
Chlorophyll Analysis


Blood Analysis
Cancer Detection


Raman & Fluorescence Spectroscopy


Contamination & Pollution Monitoring


Quality Control


Thin Film Coating
Coating Deposition

Solar Industry

Solar Panel
Quality Control

System Integration

Integrate into your
product or system

Find your perfect match

The Varius is available in two variations, optimized for the best performance in system integration. Customize the Varius to match your application's needs. The variations are compatible with Avantes light sources, fibers, accessories and AvaSoft software.


  • Available with 2028 or 4096 pixel detector
  • USB3 high speed data transfer
  • Replaceable slit to customize your performance
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Varius OEM

  • Robust industrial housing
  • Optimized for integration
  • High product reproducibility
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The specifications in the table relate to the USB-powered Varius.
Varius 2K
Varius 4K

Optical Bench

Symmetrical Czerny-Turner design, 75 mm focal length; VRS bench

Wavelength range

190 - 1100 nm

Stray light

0.1 - 1% (typical value 300l/mm, blaze 300nm < 0.3%)


HAM S11639, CMOS linear array, 2048 pixels (14x200 µm)

HAM S13496, CMOS linear array, 4096 pixels (7x200 µm)

Signal / Noise



Dynamic Range


Dark Noise

15 cnts

AD converter

16-bit, 6 MHz

Integration time

9 µs - 30 seconds


USB 3.0 high speed (5Gbps), Gigabit Ethernet (1 Gbps)

Sample speed on-board averaging

0.38 ms /scan

0.70 ms /scan

Data transfer speed

0.38 ms/scan (USB3.0), 1.0 ms (ETH)

0.70 ms/scan (USB3.0), 1.31 ms (ETH)

Digital I/O

HD-26 connector, 2 Analog in, 2 Analog out, 13 Digital bidirectional, trigger, sync., strobe, laser

Dimensions, weight

183 x 130 x 45,2 mm, 1068 grams

Power supply

Default USB3 power, 500 mA or 12 VDC, 300 mA

Temperature range

5 - 55 °C